What's Crown + Bliss?


A global community that strives to empower and inspire women by evolving the mind and nurturing the body.

Rooted in the belief that our mind is our most powerful tool. When we come together and support one another, our potential is limitless.

Our culture and personal circumstances make us unique but we are united as one because we are women. There is beauty in difference and this is to be celebrated.

We hope Crown + Bliss will help all women find the knowledge and tools to better themselves and help others through a deeper understanding of their own mind and body.


What We Do

Through our online community and local events, we motivate badass females to come together and inspire one another.

We celebrate diversity and inclusivity. We welcome all who identify as woman.


Who Are We?

We are women. We are half the planet. Sharing. Empowering. And inspiring one another to reach our full potential and to achieve greatness and fulfillment.

There's no such thing as dumb weak women. There's no such thing as smart strong women. We are just women.