Activate Your Strengths: Achieve Quick Wins

Facilitated by Ivana

You are more resourceful than you think. We all have within us the strengths and resources to help us make better decisions and take bold action. Do you want to know what your strengths are and be able to tap into them when you need them?

This workshop will help you create quick wins for yourself and the people you influence through simple yet practical techniques. Learn how to refocus your thoughts, words and connections in a a few simple steps to get yourself a quick win. This win will reset all your expectations and energy so you can keep building towards the “big wins” that matter to you!

Through this workshop, you will learn the right techniques on how to change the state in which you observe your own situation and recognize opportunities for positive action. We will focus on uncovering resources and discovering how they can be applied to particular problems. This workshop will demonstrate how to recognize an existing strength or skill and apply it in a current situation.


There are three steps to uncovering resources:

1. Lead with your own state

2. Ask questions about strengths you recognize

3. Interrupt old patterns to allow new strengths to come to the surface