Benefits of Eating for the Human Body

Facilitated by Vanessa

It’s no secret that food has a powerful affect on our bodies. Every time we eat a meal it influences how we feel - energy levels, mental clarity, spirituality connection and most notably, our long term health.

An Ayurvedic proverb says: When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need. This workshop will examine the benefits of raw, plant based eating on our bodies. You’ll leave this workshop with proactive tools to help improve your daily diet, including recipes, food recommendations and tons of inspiration!

You’ll learn how raw plants engage your cells to grow and prosper, leaving your body and your immune system stronger than ever. We’ll also discuss what specific foods positively impact our minds, naturally elevating our moods, and our spiritual practice, giving us more clarity and connection to the things and people around us.


You’ll learn about the 80/20 rule - a safe and dependable way to ensure eating right becomes a lifestyle.

This workshop is an open platform for discussion; a place where each guest is welcome to share their struggles and triumphs in regards to nutrition.