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Every girl and woman in this world deserves to feel inspired and empowered. We believe our background and personal circumstances should not dictate our future. We are all equal not because we are female but because we are human beings. We believe it's our human right to have access to education, clean water, healthy food, medical services, and a safe place to sleep at night. Our mission with Crown Unite, a division of Crown + Bliss, is to improve the lives of at-risk and disadvantaged girls and women locally and internationally. Help us make the future brighter for all females. It's only when we come together to support one another are we able to change the world.



$200 CAD covers all costs and education for an entire month for ONE girl at Maasila Home


It started like this...

In January 2018, Crown + Bliss was introduced to the NGO, OuiCare, when co-founder Natasha was traveling South India. OuiCare established a safe haven in 2015 for at-risk and disadvantaged girls in the town of Pondicherry and named it Maasila Home.

Presently there are 9 girls that live here. The house has space for 20 girls in total, but due to a lack of funding and resources, the NGO can only support 9 at this time. These girls are from rural villages in the province of Tamil Nadu, and have been chosen to live at Maasila Home due to their personal circumstances. Through private funding, the team at OuiCare provides ongoing medical services, shelter, education up until the 12th grade, food, and clothing.

We believe in OuiCare’s mission and have seen their effort in action firsthand. Crown + Bliss has officially partnered with OuiCare in helping to drive their mission forward. Not only are we committed to helping Maasila Home’s immediate needs, but we have established long term plans to work with OuiCare to expand and evolve.

Help us help them.




·      100% of all Crown + Bliss received donations for Maasila Home are redirected into initiatives directly related. No administration fees are taken.

·      Co-founder, Natasha, has been on the ground in Pondicherry establishing the partnership and long-term plans with OuiCare. Throughout the week, she spends time with the girls at the home teaching them yoga and facilitating workshops that are focused on personal growth.



·     Raise $3,500 CAD every month in order to fill and keep Maasila Home running with 20 girls.



·      One full meal for in India costs less than 1 Canadian dollar? Don’t believe us? Send co-founder Natasha a message and she’ll show you.

·      It costs $2,500 CAD a month to keep Maasila Home running with 9 girls. It’s only $1,500 more per month for 11 additional girls to be living here.



·      Raise funding for co-founder, Natasha, to purchase and hand deliver to the girls of Maasila Home the items on this EMERGENCY list - CLICK HERE.


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