Fearless Entrepreneur

Facilitated by Vanessa

The greatest entrepreneurs of all time have one thing in common: courage.

Courage is the quality that allows us to grow. Entrepreneurs are faced with new challenges every single day. Scratch that - every single minute! The reality is that if they’re not faced with challenges, it means their company is not growing.

The best tool for coming out on top in these moments is alignment. Being aligned with your purpose and your mission as a founder is crucial to the growth and management of your brand and business. It will send you in the right direction and will allow you to make the right decisions confidently, without having to overthink.


This interactive workshop will compromise of exercises, discussions and journaling on the following topics:

•Finding and aligning with your entrepreneurial purpose.

•Tools for turning your business into your lifestyle.

•Managing your daily tasks and challenges effectively.

•How to get more things done in a faster amount of time. Speed is every entrepreneur’s best friend.

•Practicing influence over money - why you should never start a business just to make money.