In January 2018, Crown & Bliss was introduced to the NGO, OuiCare, when Founder, Natasha, was traveling South India. OuiCare established a safe haven in 2015 for at-risk girls in the town of Pondicherry and named it Maasila Home. These girls are from rural villages in the province of Tamil Nadu, and have been chosen to live at Maasila Home due to their personal circumstances. Through private funding, the team at OuiCare provides ongoing medical services, shelter, education up until the 12th grade, food, and clothing.

Crown & Bliss is an official partner to OuiCare. We believe in the organizations mission and have seen their effort in action firsthand. Not only are we committed building international awareness of their initiatives but since January 2018 we’ve continue to aid as a connection to funding and volunteers.

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