Lead to Empower: How to influence others

Facilitated by Ivana

Have you recently been promoted into a leadership role or have to take charge of a project? This workshop is designed to help you to thrive in your leadership role and appropriately interact and influence the people around you.

Whatever you want involves other people. Because we are born social creatures who are wired to learn from one another, support one another, and challenge one another, our ability to engage with others in a meaningful and practical way is important. It determines the quality of life and it contributes to a successful career and or business.

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In this workshop, we will use the practices of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to explore how you can make change happen for yourself or others. Together, we will work on a specific situation where change is imperative and needs to occur.

This will leave you with the appropriate methods on how to make this change happen. It will further enforce your ability to address what you would like the other person/people to do as a result of your leadership and influence.