Ok, No Problem

Facilitated by Ivana

Problems are unavoidable. They creep up on a daily basis. Fortunately, with the appropriate skills and mindset, we can choose to see these problems as exciting challenges rather than impossible obstacles. In this workshop, we will focus on problem solving, more specifically on the idea of reframing. When we reframe a situation, we create a new meaning to the situation by analyzing the facts in a different context. This requires you to maintain your own detachment: you need to see what the other person sees and also acknowledge that a different perspective is possible.


You will focus on three ways to reframe a situation:

1. Relabeling the problem or the role that is causing the problem

2. Zooming in or out to create detachment or focus

3. Putting other people in the frame. By examining their points of view, you can provide new lenses through which you can approach the problem differently

Through this workshop, you will learn the tools to get out of the box and move into a space where it’s possible to take effective action.