Once Upon A Time

Facilitated by iVANA

What’s your “story”? Do you find yourself stuck when being asked this question? Do you find it tough to deliver a story or message and get the point across? Of course, by “story” we’re not referring to fairy tales or adventure novels. What we really mean is what you care about and why it matters to you. These “stories” are how we categorize and sort people as we meet them: we find out what their stories are and based on these, we decide what kind of connections we want to make. 

When forming a message, you need to talk about it as a “story” or an account of why you are where you are, what you care about and why it matters to you. When you are able to effectively share that story, you can set it up for success. Not only will people connect with your story, but they’ll engage with it and add some of it to their own story. This is how a message grows.


In this workshop, you will explore the skills and states that will allow you to confidently master your message and “story” and share it effectively. You will learn how to pace and lead while staying true to the core of your message. As a result, this will help you grow your connections.