Vanessa Diab is the founder and creator of Freedom Jars, a local company that offers vegan and gluten free breakfast jars with fun and intricate designs.

 Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 9 years ago was a blessing in disguise. Although the first 4 years were tough. Dealing with a degenerative disease that she barely understood and taking daily injections was confusing and alien to her. One day, after feeling fed up, she decided that she was no longer going to let the disease control her life, but that she was going to control the disease. This set Vanessa on a path of healing. She did this first through plant based foods, and later by connecting to the powers of sound healing, mindfulness, breathing techniques, yoga and exercise. Today, Vanessa lives symptom free. She has more energy and mental clarity that she has ever had and her quality of life has significantly improved. She has reduced her inflammation, is control of her body and is 100% medication free.

Vanessa started Freedom Jars with a mission to prevent and cure physical illness through nutrition. Her products are all natural, vegan and gluten free, packed with tons of superfoods to help nourish the body, mind and soul.

 Her personal goal is to inspire and spread awareness about the possibilities of healing naturally.

Even if you are not suffering from a diagnosed ailment, her techniques will help give you more energy, mental clarity and guide you to aligning with your higher self.