Who we are;

We’re a global community that aims to unite women from all around the world, regardless of age, culture, or circumstance under the shared interest of elevating and encouraging others. We offer women a platform to speak, to be heard and to connect with like-minded humans. We strive to empower and inspire women by evolving the mind and nurturing the body.


Why we do it;

We hope Crown & Bliss will help all women find the knowledge and tools to better themselves and help others through a deeper understanding of their own mind and body. We want to weave a common thread between women all around the world to create a network of funding and influence. We believe that when we come together and support one another, our potential is limitless. Our culture and personal circumstances make us unique but we are united as one because we are women.


What we do;

Through our workshops and online community we offer a safe space for women to thrive and provide the means to get there.

We believe in a self-sustaining system where our for-profit operations help to fund our non-for-profit initiatives and our non-for-profit initiatives guide our for-profit operations. This stems from our mantra of self-care and the belief that, to best help others, we must be in a place to do so.